Is your company ready for the Gen Z Mom?

BSM Media, Inc. is an award-winning and internationally recognized Marketing to Moms agency specializing in influencer engagement and outreach programs. Their MommyParties, and Social Spotters, services are proven activation tactics used by Fortune 100 to Start Up companies. BSM Media also owns and operates and which connects brands to Millennial Influencers and Gen Z Influencers.   Maria Bailey is the CEO of BSM Media and the author of “Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Share of the Trillion Dollar Market,” “Power Moms,” “Millennial Moms: 202 Facts Marketers Need to Know to Build Brands and Drive Sales,” and the soon to be released “Marketing to Gen Z Moms.”  She [...]

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6 Marketing to Moms Tactics Often Overlooked by Marketers to Drive Sales This Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is in full swing for moms. Whether they are Millennial Moms or Gen Xers, mothers control purchases for the whole family, from her spouse’s office to child’s classroom gift exchange to her own purchases for the home. She’s buying seasonal foods, home décor, and entertainment products in addition to all the toys on her list.  With so many brands fighting for Mom’s attention this season, it’s more important than ever for marketers to hyper-focus their tactics to drive sales. Here are six marketing to moms tactics that brands should be considering to emerge from the marketing [...]

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How an Innovation Project Evolved into a Marketing Machine for Chick-fil-A

It was 2013, and most brands were throwing money and product at Mommy Bloggers in hopes that a blog post would drive sales. This cycle occurred with every product launch, and it continues today with many brands. However, an email from the Chick-fil-A innovation center transformed the way this brand worked with moms, and it led to priceless success generating conversation about the brand in homes across America. Today, I reveal the story about how Chick-fil-A’s Mom Panel turned from an innovation project into a marketing machine. As the CEO of BSM Media and the author of 6 books on [...]

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How to Prepare Your Brand Today for Tomorrow’s Gen Z Moms

Yes, you read that right- Gen Z moms. Although many marketers are still trying to capture the spending of the youngest Millennial Moms, the first Gen Z moms are arriving. The oldest women of the Generation Z are now between 18 and 22 years old. According to Fast Company, Gen Z consumers will dominate the economy by 2020 and out-number the Millennial population. Gen Z moms who were born into technology don’t know a world without texting, SnapChat, or online buying, so they will demand new marketing to moms tactics. BSM Media, an award-winning marketing to moms agency, and its [...]

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Mom Influencers: One Size Does Not Fit All

2018 has been labeled by some marketers as the year influencer marketing was legitimized. According to Ad Week,  companies will spend upwards of $10 billion using influencers to deliver their message.  Leveraging the power of ‘word of marketing’ has long been an effective tactic in marketing to moms and continues to be successful as Gen Z moms emerge. However, in the rush to engage mom influencers, marketers have relied on their existing agencies, hallway recommendations or worst of all- Google searches- to determine which of the many social media moms to select as marketing partners. A recent Journal of Marketing [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Avoid Fake Mom Influencers

There’s been a great deal of conflicting press recently about influencer marketing. On one end of the spectrum are articles touting that Influencer marketing is the “in” tactic for 2018. On the other end is an Ad Age article citing P&G’s influencers with fake followers that became viral among marketers and influencers alike. When I wrote my first book, Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Share of the Trillion Dollar Industry (Prima, 2002), I started the book off by describing a scenario with four moms sitting at a park talking about their next trip to Walt Disney World. Little did I [...]

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5 Tips to Capture the Spending of Millennial Moms during this Father’s Day Shopping Season

When it comes to shopping for Father’s Day gifts, Millennial moms take gift-buying into their own hands by not asking Dad for gift ideas or a gift list, according to a new survey by BSM Media on Father’s Day gift-buying trends. Good news for Millennial fathers- more than two-thirds of Millennial moms say they have never given a tie on Father’s Day. The study of 600 moms reveals that more than 79% of moms in the U.S. expect to spend between $26 and $100 on each Father’s Day gift this year with one-third saying they expect to spend over $100 [...]

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4 Proven Marketing to Mom Tactics for Selling Toys this Summer

When it comes to toy sales during the summer, moms buy more than just outdoor toys which accounts for over $3 billion of the $84 billion industry. The key to capturing the opportunity that exists for toymakers is to deliver the right message to moms at the right time. While most toymakers focus heavily on moms during the holiday season of October to December, the summer months present a great opportunity to drive sales by Millennial moms and generate buzz among Gen Z. BSM Media, the premier marketing to moms agency, has found their success by designing outreach programs based [...]

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Announcing The Launch Of Two New Influencer Communities

We’re Expanding Our Influence! BSM Media is excited to announce the expansion of our Influencer Marketing services to include Millennial Influencers and Gen Z Influencers. Experience and Innovation Lead to More Influence For over 20 years, BSM Media has connected Brands with Mom Influencers. We’ve studied consumer behaviors, social media usage, and what they buy. Most importantly, we studied their children- Millennials and Gen Zers- and now it’s time to connect with these segments directly. We invite you to engage with the influencers who host some of the largest audiences both online and offline. Let Us Connect You with Ideal [...]

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4 Last-Minute Tips to Increase Your Mother’s Day Sales

According to the National Retail Federation Mother’s Day in the United States is almost a $24 Billion business. However, most brands miss the mark with their advertising and marketing because they neglect marketing to mothers and focus their efforts on dads. According to BSM Media, the premier Marketing to Moms agency, eighty-six percent of mothers purchase at least one gift for another mom for Mother’s Day. In anticipation of Mother’s Day, BSM Media surveyed over 800 mothers on their giving and receiving behaviors around Mother’s Day. You might be surprised by what they told us. Whether your target market is [...]

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