What Brands Need to Know About Juneteenth

Juneteenth is this week.  In the event you are new to the conversation, Juneteenth marks June 19, 1865 when enslaved African-Americans in Galveston, Texas were told they were free.  For 155 years, the day has been celebrated in various cities across America.  This year the number of celebrations and observances are expected to be larger than ever.  Some brands have announced a paid day off for employees while others are planning moments of reflection. As brands began to email and call BSM Media asking for advice, we turned to our MomSelect community.  We opened a dialogue with the thousands of [...]

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Ready, Set, Go! Moms are Packing their Bags!

It’s been a long few months for moms.  Not unlike the general population she’s been taking preventative health measures at home with her family. Unfortunately her to do list has grown to include educating her children, seeking out essential household items and entertaining the family.  Now that states are reopening what can we expect her to do with her time?  According to a recent survey of moms by BSM Media, Moms are ready for a vacation. The research of 892 moms from across America asked “What is the first thing you will do (after reconnecting with local relatives and friends) [...]

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The Toy Industries Biggest Challenge May Be Coming

Let’s face it the toy industry has seen its challenges over the last 18 months.  First it was the elimination of Toys R’ Us as a major distribution channel, then it was delays in manufacturing while China battled COVID-19.   Things were looking brighter recently for those brands with enough inventory to enjoy a spike in sales as desperate homebound moms bought toys to help entertain her children.  There seemed to be a rebirth of jigsaw puzzles and family game nights that screamed opportunity and sales for toy makers.  However as retailers begin to open their doors and the holiday sales [...]

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How Moms Will Shop in a Post Pandemic Retail World

The locked doors of local malls will soon be open and homebound moms will be released from their confinement.  As states begin to reopen the economy and allow retailers to welcome customers back, will moms be rushing out to flex their spending power? BSM Media surveyed over 500 mothers from across America about their anticipated post pandemic shopping behaviors.  Here’s a summary that may be helpful as your brand plans to lure mom consumers back into your stores. 1. Moms will trust retailers to adhere to safety guidelines but want a little more to help her feel safe. Most moms [...]

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Marketing to Expectant Moms During a Pandemic

Four weeks ago when most America when into lockdown, marketers worried about the future of their marketing to mom campaigns. What they soon discovered however was that homebound moms searching for products, educational tools and entertainment created opportunities for sales growth.   Most importantly the new normal presented the chance to deepen their relationship with mothers, their principal consumers. Brands such as The Dole Food Company and Entenmann’s offered household managers education content for the family, recipes for increased demand for in home dining and coloring pages for bored children. In the midst of media stories focused on the changing role [...]

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#BrandsSupportingMomsSupportingBrands – 3 Innovative Marketing Programs Leveraging the New Normal

The New Opportunity in Connecting Your Brand to Moms  Right now, is the BEST time to strengthen your relationship with Moms. They are loyal to the brands that support them when they need them the most and right now is one of those times. There are numerous opportunities to be relevant to their homeschooling, boredom buster and meal planning activities with good content, peer-to-peer recommendations and distant socializing solutions.   Right now, Mom Influencers are making creative meals with whatever is left on grocery store shelves, homeschooling their children and in the case of Mom Bloggers trying to keep their businesses [...]

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5 Questions to Ask Your Agency About Marketing to Millennial Moms

Even as Generation Z is entering motherhood, brands are still trying to understand and tap into the spending of Millennial Moms.  Unfortunately, many are entrusting this daunting task to their agency who may or may not understand the demographic themselves. Here are 5 questions that can help brands steer their marketing activities toward a higher return on investment. 1. Are we delivering a product message that is relevant to moms’ routines & behaviors? It’s not enough to garner millions of impressions online with your product message on social media or in digital advertising.  Millennial Moms react to content, images and [...]

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What do Moms Want in Little Boys’ Pants? We Asked and Moms were Eager to Share their Opinions.

Get a group of moms together and you never know what topics will come up. Recently we were privy to a conversation between moms of boys. All the mothers had at least one son under 16 years old. One might expect the discussion to center around endless appetites or toilet seats, but instead it was a high-energy chat focused on the challenge of buying pants for boys. In full disclosure, the moms were having a digital discussion on Facebook. We posted a simple question, “What makes the perfect pair of boy’s pants?” What ensued was more than 300 comments and [...]

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Working With Mom Influencers

Holiday season is approaching and selling products to Millennial Moms is on most marketer’s minds. Word-of-mouth marketing has long been a tactic for marketing to moms. The name may have more recently changed to influencer marketing, but it still remains an effective strategy if executed properly. Unfortunately, in the search for the silver bullet to drive sales, many brands are throwing caution to the winds when engaging with mom influencers. I’ve identified common mistakes we see marketers making in hopes of helping you avoid them as you market to moms this season. 1. Using the same mom influencers everyone else is [...]

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8 Ways that Gen Z Moms Differ from Millennial Moms

Yes, you read that right- Gen Z Moms.  Just when you thought you had figured out the behaviors of Millennial Moms, here come Generation Z mothers. The oldest of the latter cohort are 25 years old and are entering motherhood with all the spending that moms represent to the US economy. In fact, it’s predicted that the Gen Z population will control more than $44 billion in spending by the year 2020 according to Futurecast and when you consider that 85% of household income is controlled by  according to BSM Media research, it’s time to focus on this powerful consumer [...]

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